About us

At Windcatcher-Productions we develop and produce documentaries and feature films for cinema and public television, such as ZDF and ARTE.

In addition to our own film projects, we also support freelance authors in telling their stories and making films. Thanks to our international network of colleagues and contacts we are able to realize high quality productions worldwide.

We come from different cultural, artistic and professional backgrounds and bring our different experiences and expertise to the collective, thus forming a divers team.

With different casts, we have realized various film projects together and had worked together on art projects as well. Windcatcher-Productions combines all of these disciplines.

There is a story behind everything that exists. We are fascinated by those through whom we can tall something personal and moving at the same time. Especially those in which courage is shown and protagonists set a clear signal through hope and will.

We are looking for powerful stories, exciting personalities and artistic visions. At the interface between art and society, we are looking for ideas on how we can better understand our living spaces and the world(s) in which we are and how we can help shape a common future. Windcatcher is not a utopia. We want to capture and document the volatile and ephemeral that emerges from the confrontation with the world and we want to condense the questions and make them accessible to a borad audience – and thus give shape to dreams.