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  • Faith in Food – Buddhism in Japan

    We have completed the last episode about Buddhism in Japan!

  • Faith in Food – Christianity in Europe

    Over the Easter holidays we started filming on Christianity in Germany and Spain. Thanks to the special commitment of the protagonists and our team, we were able to collect great material and successfully complete the shoot.

  • Faith in Food – India

    We are moving forward! Due to Corona-related delays, we will be able to begin the shoot of “Faith in Food” in India in May.

  • Faith in Food -India

    Unfortunately, the shooting of “Faith in Food” has to be postponed due to the strict covid-19 regulations in India. 

  • Persians old tradition of silk production

    The shooting of “Persias old tradition of silk production” was successfully completed at the end of November. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our protagonists and the team on-location we are more than pleased with the material we got. The next step in the postproduction process will be editing the material. In March 2022, the documentary…

  • Persias old tradition of silk production

    Although our trip was delayed because of the Covid-19 situation, we are now able to begin shooting in Iran.  

  • Faith in Food

    We began filming our second episode of the documentary series “Faith in Food” on September 17th, 2021 in New York City. There we, we got to know a lot of Jewish communities and their customs.     

  • Women in Afghanistan

    Getting in touch with people in Afghanistan has become more difficult. Especially for women, the situation worsened after the Taliban returned. A lot of women are in danger and live in constant fear.  In the last month, Niloufar Taghizadeh talked with several women anonymously and who are under threat of death. Link to the interview:

  • Catharina Kleber und die Dast Mitarbeiter portionierten Nazri, um es danach zu Spenden.

    Faith in Food – Iran

    Due to the Coronavirus, the first film shoot of our documentary series, “Faith in Food” (WT), which is supported by the MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg and produced for Arte, began in Iran at the end of July 2021. For this project, the Windcatcher Team and Catharina Kleber travelled to Teheran and Isfahan to gather impressions and…

  • Persias old tradition of silk production

    Because of the high incidence of Covid19 cases in Golestan, we had to postpone the film shoot of the documentary „Persias old tradition of silk production“ “, for arte to autumn 2021.