Faith in Food – Caligari FilmBühne Wiesbaden

On Sunday 24.03.2024 at 5:30pm, the episode about Iran from “Wie Götter speisen” will be shown at the Caligari FilmBühne Wiesbaden. In the presence of author and director Catharina Kleber and director and producer Niloufar Taghizadeh.

The “Filmstadt Wiesbaden” series and Arte are looking at Islam with two productions, including a premiere that will be broadcast on Arte on April 7 at 5.30 pm.

D 2022, 26 min.
Director: Catharina Kleber

The way we eat has always been determined by religious rules and traditions. In Iran, Catharina Kleber explores how Islam influences cuisine. “The happier a person is, the closer he is to religion.” This sentence comes from an imam who also owns his own pastry shop. On Eid-ed-Ghorban, a restaurant owner prepares a feast for 250 needy people. The recipes bear witness to an ancient cultural history, and everything is linked by the engaging tradition of hospitality.

SUFIS (Premiere)
D 2023, 43 min.
Director: Ursula Beyer

Embedded in the mysterious world of ancient Egypt is a centuries-old Muslim tradition: the dance of the Sufis. “Dhikr” is the name of the rite with which the Muslim mystics put themselves into ecstasy in their search for oneness with God. In times of a strengthening political Islam, the Sufis set a courageous, different accent with their idea of finding individual salvation.

The film provides a deep insight into the life of the fellahs on the Nile, into the family of a Sufi musician and tells of the dreams and life plans of women in particular, who are able to tread new, self-determined paths against the Sufi-liberal background. The filmmaker Ursula Beyer succeeds in opening a window into an incredibly heterogeneous, strange, colorful, but also bitterly poor world.

As a guest:

FAITH IN FOOD: Writer and director Catharina Kleber, director and producer Niloufar Taghizadeh, editor Linde Dehner and other team members

SUFIS: Producer Dennis Westenberger, director Ursula Beyer, editor Linde Dehner and other team members