Nila’s dream in the Garden of Eden – Cinema Release 14th of April

11.04.2024 Cinema release in Germany

Nila’s dream in the Garden of Eden

by Niloufar Taghizadeh

Documentary film | 98 min| 2023 | FSK 12

Leyla and her six-year-old daughter Nila live in the holy city of Mashad in Iran and are inseparable. Nila was conceived in a “temporary marriage” and is therefore legally non-existent. She has no papers and is not allowed to attend school. When the father threatens to take the child away from the mother, Leyla fights tooth and nail for custody of her daughter. The documentary portrays Leyla’s energetic efforts to clarify Nila’s legal status in order to offer her a perspective for the future. Leyla fights not only against the inhumane legal system, but also against the double standards of a society that mercilessly condemns women like her. Director Niloufar Taghizadeh shot this film over three years, mostly undercover, in strictly state-monitored facilities in Iran. With “Nila’s Dream in the Garden of Eden”, she gives a voice to the countless children and women who have been marginalized by a male-dominated regime for decades. A cinematic plea for freedom and equality.

Production: Windcatcher Productions GmbH
in Co-Production with ZDF and Collaboration with ARTE

supported with funds from BKM and MFG Filmförderung

Distributed by LITTLE DREAM PICTURES, Hamburg