Faith in Food – Hinduism in India

“Faith in Food – Hinduism in India” (2022).
“Les dieux passent à table – Les hindous en Inde”

Documentary: 26 minutes
Written by: Catharina Kleber
Directed by: Catharina Kleber and Niloufar Taghizadeh

The way we eat has always been determined by religious dietary rules and traditions. Author Catharina Kleber explores how religion has shaped cuisine in five different regions of the world. India is home to 95% of the world’s Hindus. Here, religion is inextricably a part of culture and vice versa. In the ultra-modern, vibrant capital city of Delhi lives young chef Ruchira Hoon-Philipp. Her life is shaped by Hindu traditions, although she does not practice this religion. This is in contrast to the Verma family, which strictly adheres to the sattvic diet. Following the most important Hindu scripture Baghavad Gita, they eat a vegetarian diet and avoid spicy foods. During the Navaratri festival, they observe strict fasting rules and cook ancient traditional recipes that have little in common with what you would find in an Indian restaurant in Europe.
Vrindavan is the most important Hindu pilgrimage site. It is the birthplace of God Krishna and is full of ashrams and temples. In the ashram, sacred cows are tended and their milk is used to make ghee, a clarified butter used for temple rituals. Religion dominates life in the pilgrim city and Hinduism is alive in every alley. Nowhere in the city is meat served, and pilgrims flock to the Krishna temple to offer 56 traditional dishes in his honor.
It is a journey through the colorful diversity of India. With a society whose vast range and countless gods are interwoven through Hinduism.

Commissioned by ZDF
in cooperation with ARTE
Supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg