Wie Götter speisen – Judentum in den USA

„How Gods Dine – Judaism in New York“ (2022).

„Les dieux passent à table – Les juifs de New York“

Documentary: 26 minutes
Written by: Catharina Kleber
Directed by: Catharina Kleber and Niloufar Taghizadeh

The way we eat has always been determined by religious food rules and traditions. Author Catharina Kleber explores how religion has shaped cuisine in five different regions of the world.

New York City is home to the world center of Orthodox Jewish Chabad. Influencer Chanie Apfelbaum runs an Instagram channel from here and writes cookbooks to make Judaism palatable to young people. Like all Chabad, Chanie strictly follows kosher dietary rules and separates dairy and meat products in both her cooking and her recipes. Far more relaxed is Peter Shelsky, whose bagels were originally made by Jewish immigrants. Today, the sandwiched kringles are loved by all New Yorkers as a local delicacy. In the past, a strict division was made between „appetizing stores“ for salmon and creamcheese bagels and „delis“ for meat-covered sandwiches. Today, the influences of other cultures in the „melting pot“ of New York have often blurred the lines. The sandwiches are wildly popular, but his store is certainly not kosher.

That’s how it is for many people here: They know the roots of their culture, they celebrate the holidays and their heritage, but they find their own way to deal with or get around the rules. What they have left are recipes and traditions that they pass on with enthusiasm. They are important parts of American culture and taste good to anyone who gets to try them.

Commissioned by ZDF
in cooperation with ARTE
Supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg